Espresso machine

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  • Espresso Machine

    Espresso Machine

    Single-group coffee machine with body in stainless steel and one steam wand.

    • Professional brewing group
    • 400 cc-boiler in thick molded material
    • Electronically adjustable brewing temperature
    • Electronically controlled functions:
      •     Water tank level (with buzzer alarm)
      •     Brewing time out
      •     Coffee dosage (2 settings) with flowmetre
    • Hot water dispensing
    • Automatic boiler fill-up and recovery after steam delivery

    Optional accessories:

    • Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
    • Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
    • Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother
    Model ES30
    Versione 1 GROUP
    Dimensions mm. 250x320x400h
    Boiler capacity 0.4 lt.
    Power 1000 watt
    (800 watt upon request)
    Voltage 230V – 50 Hz
    (115V – 60 Hz upon request)
    Weight 14.5 kg


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  • Espresso Machine Multi Boiler

    Espresso Machine Multi Boiler

    Electronic machine with micro-processor aided controls, wth LCD display and touch screens, with thermically adjustable independent groups.

    • Body in AISI 304 – 18/8 polished stainless steel – with cuprite brown finishing
    • Independently heated brewing groups in thick molded material; capacity: 400 cc
    • Large boiler for hot water and steam
    • Electronic independent disabling of the brewing groups/ stand-by for power saving
    • Steam wands in stainless steel
    • Programmable hot water dispenser
    • Instant temperature display on each group
    • Brewing timer display
    • Graphic touch screen controlling:
      •     boiler temperature set-up;
      •     brewing groups set-up;
      •     power saving mode;
      •     programmable on/off cycles;
      •     digital clock;
      •     water level check;
      •     heating elements check;
      •     electronic cup warmer check;
      •     coffee counter;
      •     periodical maintenance program;
    • Auto-fill system with alarms against lack of water
    • Heating element with electronic protection and over-temperature switch (thermostat)
    • Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
    • Electronic cup warmer
    • Hot water mixer
    • Always-on touch screen panels
    • Automatic group backflush through the touch screen

    Optional accessories upon request:

    • Milk warmer/frother – temperature-controlled steam wand “EPS” controlled through the display
    • 4-temperature hot water mixer E4T
    • Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
    • Easy-to- fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
    • Cappuccinatore or milk frother
    Model F 2006 Multiboiler F 2006 Multiboiler
    Version 2 GROUPS 3 GROUPS
    Dimensions mm. 770x560x500h 1010x560x500h
    Boiler capacity 11 lt. 17 lt.
    Power 4.500 Watt + 600W per group 4.500 Watt + 600W per group
    Voltage 220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase
    220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase
    Weight 86 kg 99 kg
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