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    Steam Press

    With the purchase of a steam ironing press, you will make a good choice. This practically maintenance-free device will be your faithful assistant for many years and will make your ironing much easier. Thoughtful in every detail the design of the press and its reliable performance in operation are the result of great practical experience and high qualification of the manufacturers. You can use the ironing press without even having the technical knowledge and special skills. The ironing press can be opened and closed with one hand. You will automatically receive the greatest pressing pressure if you press the handle of the press as close as possible to the ironing board. The handle can be used to carry and install the press to the storage location, if only the heating plate and ironing board are fastened together . Steam generator. Regardless of whether you iron, with or without steaming, you can use this device to further moisten the fabric with a brief burst of steam. The lower part with anti-slip feet, anti-slip and tilting resistance is provided by a wide base with rubber feet. IRONING BOARD. The surface of the ironing board with a soft lining ensures a secure hold of the material during ironing. The heating temperature is automatically adjusted. Cloth pillow makes it easy to iron wavy or quilted details, for example, the arms of the recesses or coquette. Advantage of the press 1. The clamping surface is many times larger than the electric iron. 2. Reduces the ironing time by more than 50%. 3. Safety of operation is ensured by automatic shutdown of the unit. 4. A large number of adjustable parameters for drying and steam processing; Rapid parameter switching prevents formation of hard-to-remove folds. 5. You can work, both sitting and standing. 6. Carefully processes fine woolen and silk fabrics. It is recommended for the duplication of details of outerwear, for thermal applications and for smoothing clothes instead of the usual iron for domestic use, as well as in places with intensive ironing (kindergartens, laundries, hotels, etc.)


    • Weight 13,5 kg
    • The size of the ironing platform is 65×24 cm
    • Power consumption 1200 W

    Optional Accessories

    • Ironing Pillow
    • Water spray bottle
    • Water canister
    • Carrying case for ironing board
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