Coffee Machine – semi pro

Electronic automatic coffee machine with programmable dosing

  • Stainless steel body
  • Professional group with thermally balanced solenoid valve
  • Automatic level with heater safety
  • Safety system with no water in the internal tank
  • 3 liter water reserve tank with water softener inserted
  • Copper boiler regulation and control through pressure switch and pressure gauge
  • Thermostat and safety valve on the boiler
  • A water faucet and a steam tap
  • Available, upon request, with connection to the water supply (max pressure 2.5 bar)
  • On request, special version for the use of 135 mm tall glasses
  • On request, adapter for paper pods and plastic pads easily interchangeable to be applied to the normal dispenser group
  • On request, cappuccinatore or manual milk frother
Template ES40
Version 1 GROUP
Dimensions mm. 250x430x350h
Boiler capacity 1.5 lt.
Power 1550 watts
Power supply 220 / 240V single-phase,
110V single-phase (1,400W)
Weight 18 kg
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