Meat Grinder

Safe and Clean:
You can’t control the cleanliness of the factory or butcher shop your meat was ground in.
Maybe its clean, maybe it’s not, but meat is more likely to be exposed to E. Coli and other
harmful bacteria in a factory than if you do it in your own clean kitchen.

Fresh and in good quality
Contrary to what you may believe, most meat is not ground at your local grocery store.
No, its more likely to be ground at a factory somewhere, then shipped to your store where it sits
around for another few days or a week before you buy it. As it sits there, patiently waiting for
you to pick it up, its losing quality and flavor.

You have no control over the quality of the meat being used in the grind when it comes from a factory.
It could be an old dairy cow for all you know. By blending your own burgers, you can control the quality
from select to choice to prime. Corn fed or grass-fed? Locally raised? That’s all up to you.

Control on Fat quantity
You can control the fat content in your own grind, whether you want a super low and healthy 95/5% blend,
or a good ole 80/20% blend (I wouldn’t use anything less for my burgers), wouldn’t you rather decide
how much is in your blend?

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