Meat Slicer

The primary function of a slicer is to create uniform slices of different types of foods.
Mainly meat as they are the more used in a large variety of restaurants.

One of the primary benefits of a slicer is the consistency it allows,
whether it is to slice perfect portions of meat in your deli or to deal with large volumes of cheese. Slicers not only give certain foods a neat appearance but they also offer space saving benefits for food storage and minimize food prep workloads.

Understanding how to properly select, use and maintain your commercial slicers will help you get most bang for your buck from these useful items.

There are various types of slicers; from fruit and vegetable slicers
and baguette slicers, to multipurpose slicers than can be used for various functions.
Among the most popular are meat and cheese slicers.

These come in the form of manual, a device you slide with your hand, and automatic slicers, which run electronically. A manual slicer has to be operated by a staff member.
These are more widely used and work well in low volume environments.
An automatic slicer performs the slicing motion without an operator,
and is best used in an environment that requires a large amount of sliced product.

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