Roasting and Baking Tray

The multi-talent.

  • Optimum uniformity
  • Large quantities
  • Highly robust
  • Optimum non-stick properties
  • Easy to clean

Roasting and baking sheets allow you to prepare an unbelievable variety of foods—escalope, medallions, poultry, rolls, croissants, pastries, roast potatoes and countless others. Everything is uniformly browned, remains juicy and has a nice crust. The sheets are specially coated to prevent food from sticking.


2/3 GN (325 x 354 mm) 
N°: 60.73.671

1/1 GN (325 x 530 mm) 
N°: 6013.1103

2/1 GN (650 x 530 mm) 
N°: 6013.2103

Baker’s standard (400 x 600 mm) 
N°: 6013.1003

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