The Salamander is often used to provide the nicely browned crust to dish or toasted bread. The larger oven units are typically built to be mounted above a cooking range or on a wall. Smaller versions are also manufactured so they can be placed on a counter similar to a microwave. Designed as electric or non-electric ovens, regardless of the heat source all Salamanders are used for the same purpose, browning the top of food dishes.
Another form of a Salamander consists of a cast iron disk that is attached to the end of a long wooden handle. The disk is heated over a burner until it is red hot and then quickly passed close over the top of the food so that the heat from the disk browns the top of the food being prepared.

*Fast heat up: many can be ready very quickly in comparison to full-size ovens
*Fast access: the open design means dishes can be loaded very quickly
*Space efficient: as these are mounted fairly high up, you can make better use of  all  the available room in your kitchen
*Safer: the overhead heat has the advantage of allowing foods to be grilled without the risk of flare-ups caused by fat dripping onto elements or burners
*Flexible: salamander grills aren’t just great for cooking. They can re-heat and hold dishes, as well as gently melt cheese or brown off a topping

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