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  • Coffee Brewer

    Coffee Brewer

    Quick filter machine for locations without water connection. The Novo machine will be supplied with one glass decanter of 1.7 litres.

    Strong points

      • Delicious, fresh filter coffee
      • The machines can be manually filled with water and therefore be placed anywhere
      • Easy operation and maintenance
      • Self-regulating hot plates to preserve the optimum quality of the coffee


    • Coffee
    • Buffer stock
    • 1.7 liter
    • Hour capacity
    • 18 liter
    • Water connection Connection
    • 230V~ 50/60Hz 2130W
    • Dimensions wxdxh
    • 214x391x424 mm
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  • Rational Combi Oven

    Rational Combi Oven

    Cooking appliance for automatically cooking (Automatic mode) meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products and for automatic finishing With an intelligent system for optimizing mixed loads in production and in à la carte service as well as a fully automatic cleaning and care system.

    Hot-air steamer (combi-steamer mode) conforming to DIN 18866 for most of the cooking methods used in commercial kitchens for the optional use of steam and hot-air, individually, in succession or in combination.


    • Core temperature probe using 6 measuring points with automatic error correction. Positioning aid for core temperature probe included
    • Climate management – humidity measured, set and regulated to one percent accuracy. Actual humidity in the cooking cabinet can be set and read on the control panel in Combi-Steamer modes
    • Individual Programming of at least 1200 cooking programs with up to 12 steps
    • Humidification variable in 3 stages from 86°F–500°F (30°C–260°C) in hot air or combination
    • USB Interface
    • High-performance, fresh-steam generator with automatic descaling
    • 5 fan air speeds, programmable
    • Integral, maintenance-free grease extraction system with no additional grease filter
    • Operation without a water softener and without additional descaling
    • Separate solenoid valves for normal and soft water
    • Cool-down function for fast cabinet fan cooling
    • Automatic adaptation to the installation location (height, climate, etc.)
    • Unit door with rear-ventilated double-glass panel and hinged inner panel
    • Removable, swivelling grid shelves (distance between rails 2 5/8″ / 68 mm)
    • Material inside and out 304 (DIN 1.4301) stainless steel
    • Hand shower with automatic retracting system
    • Splash and hose-proof to IPX 5
    • Demand-related energy supply
    • Lengthwise loading for 18”x26” or 2/1, 1/1 GN accessories
    • 5 programmable proofing stages
    • Automatic, pre-selected starting time with adjustable date and time

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  • Griddle


    Griddle works well for eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, hash browns, and other breakfast items. Griddles are also often used for cooking burgers and other hot sandwiches.

    Homestyle griddle pans sometimes come with two surfaces. On one side it is flat (griddle), and on the other it is ridged (grill). The grill surface gives provides additional cooking options and is able to create char lines on foods.


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  • Waffle maker

    Waffle maker

    Belgian waffles are a real staple, not just in America but all over the World. They are very versatile and can be served with so many different things. You can add your favorite fruit and cream or try the old favorite of chicken and waffles, which has been served for years all over America.

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  • Contact Grill

    Contact Grill

    A must have gadget for many food outlets,
    with the heavy duty grills now in the domestic home.
    A contact grill offers the benefit of allowing your food
    to be cooked without the need for turning so the food
    is sandwiched together and therefore it locks in the
    foods natural juices and tastes to give it a fuller
    flavour providing a high nutritional content as it cooks
    the food between two heated even plate surfaces which
    shortens the cooking times and in using this method has
    benefits over the conventional metal pan.
    They can perform well using either fresh or frozen
    food like pork belly loins to vegetables like peppers.

    Contact grills can provide the caterer with a faster
    and possibly a more capable and competent way of cooking
    a healthier leaner gourmet food for your customer,
    as the deep grooved plates keep the food raised up,
    and any fat that maybe in the food drains down the
    back into a grease tray, with some having a high splash
    guard to keep this away from the operator. Sandwich
    based snacks like the panini are still a popular choice
    with many food retail outlets, with customers asking
    for more adventurous fillings and looking to spend more
    than ever. With the endless possibilities and being
    able to cook the likes of steaks and burgers on the
    grill with the texture of either rare too well done
    that you can cook together side by side.

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  • Gas Range

    Gas Range

    What was once mostly used in commercial kitchens, gas ranges are starting to become commonplace in many homes. Its efficiency, ease of cleaning, and industrial style are in high demand for homeowners looking to combine their love of cooking with their passion for a functional kitchen. Whether you’re a master chef or a chef in training, a gas range can serve up a ton of cooking advantages.

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  • Deep Fryer – Gas

    Deep Fryer – Gas

    This deep fryer is ideal for commercial/business use.  Gas type is more economical to use than electric fryer especially for business purposes. The frying basket is also made of full stainless and not chrome plated. Chrome plated material gets rusted over time of use and full stainless will not.

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  • Deep Fryer – Electric

    Deep Fryer – Electric

    Home deep fryers are normally quite affordable. It offers a quick and easy way to evenly fry food with minimal effort because it doesn’t require constant turning over. It can also allow the conservation of oil in the long run because the fat can be used for cooking again.

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  • Deep Fryer – Floor type

    Deep Fryer – Floor type

    By having a commercial deep fryer in your foodservice establishment,
    you’ll be able to serve customers everything from french fries, wings, and mozzarella sticks to chicken and eggplant parmesan.

    Best of all, these fryers will ensure your foods come out crispy every time. You can also stock up on extra fryer baskets, spare casters, replacement heating elements, and other parts and accessories to keep your unit operating smoothly and efficiently.

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  • Shawarma Machine

    Shawarma Machine

    This Kebab machine / Shawarma Machine provides simple, fast and economical way to cook Doner Kebab and Shawarma.

    Its simple operation makes it ideal for snack bars, fast food, fish and chip restaurants as well as some of the best ethnic restaurants. Hand made from the finest materials, it ensures a high capacity, at a low operating price.


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  • Juice Extractor

    Juice Extractor

    • Large feed hopper(79mm) allows whole fruits and vegetables such as apple or tomato to     be processed

    No heating of ingredients
    • Nutrients and antioxidants are preserved
    • No heating of processed products

    Oriented Pusher
    Pusher is aligned with the feed tube in order to facilitate manipulation by users.

    High power, low noise levels
    The powerful, resilient commercial-grade motor operates at a speed of 3.000 rpm, meaning that the juice oxidizes less quickly. The resulting juices are particularly smooth and bursting with flavour. The noise levels of the J80 Ultra/J100 Ultra are so low that they can be used right in front of the customer.

    Large capacity pulp collector 
    the 6.5-litre (J 80 Ultra) or the 7.2-litre (J 100 Ultra) translucent container slots neatly under the ejector spout, to avoid pulp splashing onto the worktop

    Centrifugal juicer basket
    The basket can be removed (no special tool required) for easy cleaning.

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  • Vegetable Cutter/Slicer

    Vegetable Cutter/Slicer

    • XL hopper: can hold up to 6 tomatoes in one go.
    • Patented lid design: maximized hopper load

    2.9 litre stainless steel cutter bowl used for all types of different functions from fine chopping, coarse chopping, emulsions, kneading and grinding.

    The patented blade gives perfect results for small or large quantities.
    Single speed 1500 Rpm.

    Pulse control, for true precision processing.

    Complete collection of stainless steel discs available to satisfy all your requirements for the preparation of fruits and vegetables: slicing, julienne, ripple cutting and grating.

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  • Vegetable Cutter/Slicer

    Vegetable Cutter/Slicer

    New easy-fit lid making it quicker and simpler to use.

    Standard smooth blade with removable cap.

    Optional extras:
    – Coarse serrated blade for all your grinding and kneading tasks.
    – Fine serrated blade for chopping parsley.

    Pulse control, for true precision processing.

    New magnetic failsafe system and motor brake which stops the blades moving as soon as the lid is opened.

    The new vegetable preparation attachment consists of a lidded vegetable preparation bowl. Both the bowl and the lid can be removed for cleaning.

    large hopper (104 cm2) for the preparation of vegetables such a as cabbage, celeriac, lettuce, tomatoes.

    cylindrical hopper (ø 58 mm) designed for long or fragile vegetables giving an outstanding quality of cut.

    Complete collection of stainless steel discs available to satisfy all your requirements for the preparation of fruits and vegetables: slicing, julienne, ripple cutting and grating.

    Automatic restart of the machine by the pusher for greater speed and efficiency.

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  • Espresso Machine

    Espresso Machine

    Single-group coffee machine with body in stainless steel and one steam wand.

    • Professional brewing group
    • 400 cc-boiler in thick molded material
    • Electronically adjustable brewing temperature
    • Electronically controlled functions:
      •     Water tank level (with buzzer alarm)
      •     Brewing time out
      •     Coffee dosage (2 settings) with flowmetre
    • Hot water dispensing
    • Automatic boiler fill-up and recovery after steam delivery

    Optional accessories:

    • Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
    • Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
    • Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother
    Model ES30
    Versione 1 GROUP
    Dimensions mm. 250x320x400h
    Boiler capacity 0.4 lt.
    Power 1000 watt
    (800 watt upon request)
    Voltage 230V – 50 Hz
    (115V – 60 Hz upon request)
    Weight 14.5 kg


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  • Espresso Machine Multi Boiler

    Espresso Machine Multi Boiler

    Electronic machine with micro-processor aided controls, wth LCD display and touch screens, with thermically adjustable independent groups.

    • Body in AISI 304 – 18/8 polished stainless steel – with cuprite brown finishing
    • Independently heated brewing groups in thick molded material; capacity: 400 cc
    • Large boiler for hot water and steam
    • Electronic independent disabling of the brewing groups/ stand-by for power saving
    • Steam wands in stainless steel
    • Programmable hot water dispenser
    • Instant temperature display on each group
    • Brewing timer display
    • Graphic touch screen controlling:
      •     boiler temperature set-up;
      •     brewing groups set-up;
      •     power saving mode;
      •     programmable on/off cycles;
      •     digital clock;
      •     water level check;
      •     heating elements check;
      •     electronic cup warmer check;
      •     coffee counter;
      •     periodical maintenance program;
    • Auto-fill system with alarms against lack of water
    • Heating element with electronic protection and over-temperature switch (thermostat)
    • Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
    • Electronic cup warmer
    • Hot water mixer
    • Always-on touch screen panels
    • Automatic group backflush through the touch screen

    Optional accessories upon request:

    • Milk warmer/frother – temperature-controlled steam wand “EPS” controlled through the display
    • 4-temperature hot water mixer E4T
    • Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
    • Easy-to- fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
    • Cappuccinatore or milk frother
    Model F 2006 Multiboiler F 2006 Multiboiler
    Version 2 GROUPS 3 GROUPS
    Dimensions mm. 770x560x500h 1010x560x500h
    Boiler capacity 11 lt. 17 lt.
    Power 4.500 Watt + 600W per group 4.500 Watt + 600W per group
    Voltage 220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase
    220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase
    Weight 86 kg 99 kg
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  • Coffee Machine Automatic

    Coffee Machine Automatic

    Automatic machine with programmable dosage.
    Available in the following versions: KES60 1 group, KES70 compact 2 groups, KES100 2, 3, 4 groups.

    • Body in AISI 304 – 18/8 mirror-polished stainless steel
    • Inbuilt volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
    • Volumetric touch pads (0 to 3000 cc), 4 doses/group + continuous brewing
    • Electronic auto-fill system with protection against lack of water
    • Programmable automatic hot water dispenser
    • Safety thermostat
    • 2 and 3 group machines available in High Group version for 185 mm tall cups

    Optional accessories:

    • Pre-infusion valve on the brewing group
    • Cup warmer (70 and 100 models)
    • Hot water mixer (70 and 100 models)
    • Gas heating kit (100 models)
    • “Tall-Cup” version for 135 mm tall cups
    • Easy-to-fit pods and capsules kit for the brewing groups
    • Manual cappuccinatore or milk frother


    Model KAPPA ES 60 KAPPA ES 70 KAPPA ES 100 KAPPA ES 100
    Dimensions mm. 415x535x500h 595x535x500h 795x535x500h 1035x535x500h
    Boiler capacity 4 lt. 4,9 lt. 11 lt. 17 lt.
    Steam wands 1 1 2 2
    Power 1600 watt 2700 watt 4500 watt 5400 watt
    Voltage 220/240V single phase,
    110V single phase (1.200W)
    220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase,
    110V single phase (2.400W)
    220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase,
    110V single phase (2.400W)
    220/240V single phase,
    380/415V threephase
    Gas heating   /   / optional optional
    Hot water mixer   / optional optional optional
    Cup warmer   / optional optional optional
    Weight 51 kg 64 kg 72 kg 88 kg
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