Universal Commercial Corporation is a  HORESCO (Hotel-Restaurant Commissary) company, recognized as a established International Manufacturers’ representative, and supplier of various institutional products, such as:

  • Industrial Kitchen Equipment
  • Fabrication of Stainless Steel Equipment
  • Merchandise Display
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Hotel Amenities
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Industrial-Type Laundry Machines
  • Parking Management System, Safety & Security Products
  • On-Site Repair & Maintenance Services
  • All Product Lines’ Spare Parts

Total services are provided to various industry clients from consultation; planning and design of service facilities; project management; importation facilities; supply; installation and equipment servicing and maintenance.
Our company maintains continuous specialization and direct ties with product manufacturers to sustain the highest after-sales service with our satisfied clients. We cater a number of the finest brands of equipment and products from the U.S.A., Europe, Singapore and Japan. These enable us to provide our clients with ready supply of needed spare parts reducing equipment downtime.

At Universal Commercial Corporation, we harness our knowledge and creative skills to deliver our commitment for effective project management and cost efficient professional and technical services. We are progressively expanding our market base by providing our clients with the right equipment to ensure the successful execution of their respective industry services.