CS20 Spiral Mixer

Spiral mixers guarantee appropriate batter consistency and all around mixed fixings since they pivot the bowl in the two headings. While delivering a reliably great mixture is vital, winding blenders will generally be the most ideal choice. They can likewise deliver a lot more modest clusters than planetary mixers.

Spiral mixers are the most appropriate for blending bread, since they keep the batter at a lower temperature given how the blender bowl pivots as the winding snare twists to ply the mixture. This guarantees the batter doesn’t overheat or mature excessively fast, which influences how the yeast enacts.

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Model NO. CS20
Type: Mixer
Voltage: 110/220/230/240/380 V
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Bowl Volume:20 L
Max Kneading Capacity:8 Kg
Mixing Speed:185 R/Min
Bowl Speed:15 R/Min
Net Weight:70 Kg
Dimensions:690X380X730 Mm


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