Dough moulder

Dough moulder permits you to make an assortment of shapes utilizing a wide range of batter types. With a few distinct machines to browse, you can mechanize bread forming and make a wide range of types without investing more energy. The bread disintegrates permit you to make mind boggling or basic bread types.

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Dough Moulder w/ 3000 Pieces per Hour Capacity, 13″ Belt Width
Mini Dough Moulder, 30 to 400g dough weight, 3000 pieces/hour, 13″ belt width
• Easy to use
• One person operation
• No moulding plates required
• Movable hand powder box
• Specially designed for sticky dough
• Cover can be opened for quick and easy cleaning and
• Caster equipped for convenient moving
• Adjustable in any direction for users preference

• BMMDM01 features a 14.96” belt width
• Comes with a 1hp motor
• Capacity per hour is 2,000
• 0 to 18 mm variable roller gap
• Moulding range of 30 to 285 grams
• weight: 227kg.
• Dim 139x66x126 cm


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