Rice Steaming Cart

This unit is intended to steam scrumptious and solid rice and suppers without squandering pointless water and energy rapidly. The liner truck is made of 304 treated steel and outfitted with a widespread wheel for the accommodation of the development.
Intended to arrive at 100C quickly. It is equipped with auto water filling, auto re-start and shut off of fire, flameout insurance, low water level security and tension help valve. Tempered steel with very much protected divider to forestall consume. Licensed burner to speed up and eco-friendliness.


Door: Single
Pots: 12
Consume(kg/h): 0.95
Heat Load (MJ/h): 43.8
Input Steam Pressure: 2800 pa
Steaming Capacity (kg/min)
•Rice: 40/55
•Flour: 30/38
•Steak: 60/6
•Fish: 60/7
•Chicken: 60/17
Dimensions: 70 x 65 x 164 cm

Door: Double
Pots: 24
Consume(kg/h): 0.95 x 2
Heat Load (MJ/h): 43.8 x 2
Input Steam Pressure: 2800 pa
Steaming Capacity (kg/min)
•Rice: 96/55
•Flour: 73/38
•Steak: 120/6
•Fish: 120/7
•Chicken: 120/17
Dimensions: 140 x 65 x 154 cm


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