It’s time to discover the convenience of having a refrigerator with the largest capacity available in its class. with the super capacity refrigerator, you have more usable space allowing you to store more food than ever before. This model features expansive store convenient and the latest advances in food freshness. Plus timeless styling that enhances every kitchen setting.

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Digital temperature controller situated throughout the refrigerator and freezer continuously monitor temperature and humidity levels to sustain optimum food storage temperatures. And easy to read digital temperature display. It constantly conditions within the refrigerator, keep temperature at a level that’s best to keep your food fresh.


It comes with 4 inch swivel casters excellent for moving the unit when cleaning or serving is needed recessed hands on the doors make them more economic this is helpful. And plus, Additional leveling screws are applied to ALL models to maintain balance on the ground.


Polyurethanes play an important role in keeping our food cool and insulated while it flows through the supply chain. from shipment and processing to delivery and storage, polyurethanes help keep our food cool each step of the journey. In fact, polyurethane foam is the primary insulation material in most modern day refrigerators. High density polyurethanes are to produce void free surfaces such as doors and panels. Polyurethanes are ideal for surface coating because just one application results in a near perfect finish. No further finishing is required.


A direct cool model produces the necessary chill through natural convection. It’s not as effective at keeping cold foods fresh, as it maintains a more consistent temperature, especially in the humidity controlled fresh food bins. The direct cool model also needs manual or semi-automatic defrosting to get rid of the ice build-up within the freezer. Direct cool refrigerators are typically much less expensive than the frost free versions.


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