The model MFC23 is another food handling apparatus which is our new home plan, take on the cutting edge trend setting innovation. Given different connections can slice vegetable and organic product to all sizes of pieces, chips and blocks, as you like. Likewise the machine is given plates that are utilized for finely grinding cheddar, almond, chocolate and bread-pieces.

The machine is attractive, reduced in development simple operable in activity, and multipurpose. All parts in touch with food are made of tempered steel, and are in congruity with Chef’s cleanliness standard. It’s optimal apparatus for food readiness in lodging and eateries.

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◇Attachment Operation (Operation as required)
1. C discs: for slicing and shredding to all thickness.
2. AS disc: for shredding vegetable and fruit.
3. F8 disc: for making vegetable and fruit chips.
4. M Discs: fixed on the machine,must work together with C Diss for making vegetable salads, cubes, ect…
5. P Discs: mount on the rotation main shaft,for finely grating cheese, bread-crumbs, almonds.

Dimension: 275mmL x 580 mmW x 455mmH
Power Input: 0.47kW
Power Supply: 220V/60Hz/1Ph
Ampere: 2.3A
Electrical Connection: Plug-in 3 Prong
Capacity: 120Kg/Hr
Material: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 30Kg


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