Pizza Oven Electric

A double deck commercial electric pizza oven is a specialized kitchen appliance designed for baking pizzas efficiently and consistently in a professional setting, such as a pizzeria, restaurant, or catering business. This type of oven typically consists of two stacked baking chambers, allowing for the simultaneous baking of multiple pizzas using electric heating elements.

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Features and Functions:

  1. Double Decks:

    • A double deck commercial electric pizza oven features two separate baking chambers stacked on top of each other. Each deck operates independently, allowing you to bake different types of pizzas or adjust baking times and temperatures for various recipes.
  2. Electric Heating Elements:

    • The baking decks are equipped with electric heating elements that provide consistent and even heat distribution for thorough cooking of the pizzas.
  3. Temperature Control:

    • Commercial electric pizza ovens have adjustable temperature controls for each deck, allowing you to achieve the specific temperature required for different pizza styles.
  4. Digital Controls:

    • Many electric ovens feature digital control panels that allow you to easily set and monitor the temperature, timer, and other settings.
  5. Timer and Alarm:

    • Integrated timers and alarms help ensure that pizzas are not overcooked by alerting you when the set baking time has been reached.
  6. Interior Lighting:

    • Built-in interior lights illuminate the baking chambers, making it easier to monitor the cooking progress without opening the oven doors.
  7. Glass Viewing Windows:

    • Some models feature glass windows on the oven doors, allowing you to observe the pizzas as they bake without disrupting the cooking process.
  8. Ventilation System:

    • Proper ventilation is crucial in a busy kitchen. Many commercial electric pizza ovens have exhaust systems to manage heat and ensure a comfortable cooking environment.


  1. Increased Production Capacity:

    • The double deck design enables you to bake more pizzas simultaneously, increasing your ability to handle higher order volumes during peak hours.
  2. Consistency and Quality:

    • The electric heating elements provide even and precise heat distribution, resulting in consistent cooking and uniform crusts for high-quality pizzas.
  3. Time Efficiency:

    • Baking multiple pizzas at once saves time and allows for efficient order fulfillment, especially during busy periods.
  4. Menu Variety:

    • With two separate decks, you can bake different types of pizzas simultaneously, accommodating diverse customer preferences.
  5. Energy Efficiency:

    • Electric ovens are often energy-efficient, and the stacked design of a double deck oven makes the most of the available space.
  6. Visual Appeal:

    • The sight of pizzas baking in a double deck oven can enhance the dining experience for customers, creating an enticing and aromatic atmosphere.


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