SF16 sausage filler

1. The flat typeball tempered steel, manual hotdog filler.
2. Treated steel body, guarantee that the food handled is perfect.
3. The bowl with fit limit, it is not difficult to work.
4. There are two different working rates. Utilize the low speed can save ability to fill hotdog, utilize the quick speed can save time to leave cylinder.
5. The manual wiener filler is an ideal machine utilized for handling and filling chinese sausage, hotdog, ham frankfurter in the meat handling factories, individual food industrials.

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Product Name: Countertop Manual Rapid Sausage Filler SF-16
Model: SF-16
Bowl Volume: 16L
Power: 0.55kw
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 55kg
Size: 1150x260x320mm


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