TC52 meat mincer

Taken on belt wheel with chain wheel drive strategy, structure tight, run mollusk and simple fix.
The full hardened steel body and meat mincing unit to meet most extreme cleanliness
standard. No sharp corner and arrive at security necessity.
It is furnished with press button switch, accord with wellbeing quality norm.
There are 4 haggles feet under TC-52.

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Meat grinder work mainly by a rotating screw hopper raw meat pushed into the worm box pre-cut holes in the plate, use rotating cutting blade and orifice hole edge on the formation of shear to cut up the meat and screw extrusion under the meat particles continuously from the hole plate. In this way, meat continue to enter through the screw Auger in the hopper box, and meat market outside-vented machine.

1.All stainless steel made, Stainless steel food-contact parts
2.Easy to remove attachments and grinder head
3.The circuit with overload and overcurrent protection
4.Energy efficient motor with cooling fan and precision gear drive
5.The forward-reverse switch and reset button
6.Compact size with no sharp corners.

1.Safety cover to protect user.
2.Electrical apparatus over-load assurance.
3.Big power,low noise(less than 30db),high effectiveness.
4.Highly effective and requiring next to no upkeep.
5.Heavy obligation development with cast iron body.
6.Adopt high strength simultaneous belt, triangle belt and chain for transmission.
7.Our winding blenders are dependable. The body of the blender is all steel. The twisting arm and the bowl are tempered steel.

Product name: Meat Mincer
Model No: TC-52
Dimensions: 800*1350*1220MM
Power: 5.5KW
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Productivity: 1300Kg/h
Weight: 438KGs


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