WBJ87 Gas halfgroove griddle with oven

✓Body is constructed in stainless steel with cast iron lame diffuser for better heat distribution.
✓High quality finishing and foaming surface.
✓Cast iron open burner andburner supporter.
✓Automatic flameout protection device, which ensures that the gas is fed to the burner only when there is a flame present, therby avoiding gas leaks.
✓Automatic ignition is available.
✓Pilot flames.
✓High quality gas valve.
✓Under the burner, electric oven/gas oven/cabinet are available
✓Stainless steel fat collection tray.


WBJ87  Gas half-grooved Griddle with Oven

✓Dimension: 800x700x1000mm
✓Voltage: 220v/50hz


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