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In order to best meet your customers’ needs, you need a range of tough, economical, fast, and reliable machines that can handle large quantities. For some customers, cleaning needs to be even deeper and machines of up to 110 kg featuring specific programs are vital to meet their requirements.

The laundries that we undertake meet all the criteria to ensure maximum hygiene and to avoid cross-contamination. The established RABC standard helps avoid the biocontamination risk of textiles treated in your laundry.

It is important to rely on a robust company, which has had a partner network for over 100 years, dedicated departments including after-sales service, a specialist laundry design office, and a responsive spare parts service.

State-of-the-art technologies are installed on our machines, to help keep you one step ahead in the laundry sector. For instance, Optiload ensures optimum use of resources and minimal consumption, while the Trace Tech software tracks and analyzes each washing phase, at the highest level.